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Raid arrays on Debian

I’ve been wondering for awhile now about how to configure my server when it comes to raid arrays. There’s all kinds of different configurations out there, raid levels 0,1,5, 10 or some combination of these seem to be most popular. There’s also software or hardware raid.   I’ve decided to take one of my servers…

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Prevent spam with DNS

I learned a neat antispam technique from a good colleague of mine on how to help stop spam email coming into your mail host. The goal is to trick spamming mail servers to hit a fake mail server, thus causing them to give up and not attempt a 2nd connection to your true mail server. The technique…

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Debian as Email Gateway

My goal was to setup a Debian server that acts as an email gateway to my ‘real’ email server. The idea is that email comes into the gateway box, Exim processes the mail, and then routes the email onto the final destination server, and then mailbox. For this example, my main email system is called…

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